Eating out of the van full time is far more achievable than I would have believed before actually doing it. Trust me when I say that I honestly don’t need to - in fact, I refuse to - compromise on taste. 


Getting energy from the sun feels like cheating. It seems crazy that solar isn’t more popular. Neither panel was prohibitively expensive, and both will eventually pay for themselves with the grid energy saved!


ADVANTURE REPORT 161116.1730hrs

It is surreal to be aware that these will be some of the fondest memories of my life, recognising so whilst they happen. Usually I require the clarity of retrospect for maximum appreciation, but already I know for certain that these are good ol’ days in the making.

One Week

Lucky Roland. Now, now it feels like the ball's not only over the boundary, it's completely out of sight, I don't even have to think about running end to end, I can just stand in the middle of the pitch, take my helmet off and salute the stadium with a smile on my face. I am and always have been the first person to say it, if this isn't winning the lottery, I don't know what is.

Storageking Rolls

Consolidating my belongings for vanlife uncovered so much shit that I had completely forgotten about. I was pretty mortified by how carelessly I had accumulated things. It felt great to finally get rid of it all and tick off a whole filing cabinet’s worth of to-do’s on my list. 

ADVANTURE: New South Wales

The novelty of vanlife rose to a new level after that trip and that realisation. It persists to this day, over a year later - I often still feel like a tourist in my own home country. It’s bloody awesome.

INVANTION: Water Supply

If I didn’t like coffee so much, my water supply would last far longer than it tends to. But it’s just so easy to boil a litre to make one, my discipline during a lazy day at the beach is close to nil until mid afternoon at the earliest. Running out of water is therefore something of a champagne problem for me.


Despite having fulfilled most of my construction goals the interior just didn’t quite fit the mental image I had envisioned; that is until I put the fairy lights in. The ambience has been trebled, possibly even quadrupled with the fairy lights. I lost my shit the first time I strung them up and turned them on. They just amplify the cosiness to such a degree that it helps reinforce what the van is - a giant roaming cubby house I can take with me wherever I go. 

INVANTION: Wetsuit Drip Tray

The sound of that dripping ,while I’m lying in my bed after a dusk surf, knowing it’ll be dry for the dawnie the next day… that sound gives me a satisfaction I can’t really justify with words.

INVANTION: Alcohol Stove

Not confident in the sharpness of either my knife or cognitive recall, I geared up for a long and surely frustrating tussle with this project. To my consequent dismay, less than five minutes later I was holding the finished product in my hands, equal parts proud and dubious. I tentatively filled it with about a centimetres’ worth of methylated spirits and lined up my lighter. 

The Dawn of Van

I probably could have put the seats down and chucked a sleeping bag in the Escape, but that wasn’t gonna cut it.  I need a bigger car, with a permanent bed and a place for my boards. I was meandering through random vehicle listings online when my light bulb moment came. I NEED A VAN!