Wired to Contradict

Wired for contradiction is what I think we humans are, and what I think separates us from other living creatures. But I wonder whether this is even at all relatable? Far be it from me to presume that all humanity endures equivalent mental chatter at the same volume as me. It never ceases to blow my mind that we can simply never truly know someone else's legitimate reality, their brain's genuine interpretation of life

Fight Amongst Yourselves

I was listening to a clinical psychologist on a podcast the other day. His thesis was ‘if you want to fix the world, the best thing you can do is fix yourself’. It’s been a good few days since this string of words entered my ears and still I find it echoing around my mind.

Midnight Musings

When we have information and technology to solve a big problem and we don’t - that’s where this whole planet becomes a fucking laughing stock. How is it that things like money and politics can obstruct things like healing and education. How is it that the perceived financial cost of cleaning up the ocean is preventing it from happening. Too many seemingly inconceivable realities, the likes of which tear my mind and break my heart.

CAUTION: Opinionated Cynic may be present

Environmentalism is as in vogue as its ever been. Leo has broken the Hollywood mould and gone all in with his new climate change doco, Elon Musk is an absolute baller and activewear nature-grams dominate the Insty feed. Yet somehow, so many people I see refuse to acknowledge their diet as a critical point where they could make a difference. 

Why Surfing Helps My Depression

Being in the ocean ranks highest in importance of all factors contributing to my ongoing happiness, I’m lucky to live in a coastal city to have been able to access such a critical tool I can use to maintain cognitive homeostasis

Shower Reflections

I just had a hell shower, and not just in a no-one-flushed-the-toilet-while-I-was-in-there sort of way. Whilst that was indeed the case, it was in fact better still, beyond even the elusive symbiotic harmony of stable temperature and adequately abrasive pressure. Yes, this shower I achieved the fabled holy trinity of temperature, pressure and relevant epiphany.

Sand-day Notes

For the most part I enjoy when my brain takes me for walks, I feel like I can sightsee my own thoughts and wave at them as they pass by in an endless stream.

Vanity Inanity

Maybe they’re arriving at the end of their tether just as I’ve accidentally put sugar in their coffee when they didn’t want one. Maybe every little thing has gone wrong for them today and I am unwittingly the straw that’s broken the camel’s back. I’ve been there, we’ve all been there. I’m there all the time, some days just don’t click and it seems to be one fuckup after another. But I know from experience in receiving it that on those days, sometimes all it takes is a little kindness to reset the balance. 

Life isn't all about what you have? Hmm.

It's not a state of mind I ever choose to be in. Unfortunately we all endure a broad spectrum of raw emotion along which our brain doesn't give us a say in what end we feel. Jealousy, stress, attraction. Instinctive responses as innocently primal as being hungry. The thing we can choose is how to react to those instincts. 

Diagnosis T.B.D.

I’m at a stage now where I have accepted myself for who I am - ultra cheesy I know. Yet another one of those funny things that doctors and PDHPE teachers can tell you til the cows come home, but to actually do it, to think ‘I am me and I’m bloody well gonna back myself’ is something I find really hard.