365 single-use cups or 1 reusable?

365 single-use cups or 1 reusable?

GREENING OUT #25 - Responsible Coffee


First podcast in a while! I am a bit embarrassed about how much of my life revolves around my vehicle/adventuremobile/studio (which was in the care of Nissan's service department for over a month, yikes)

 the brew lab in big suse!

the brew lab in big suse!

Anyway, it goes without saying I am a total coffee geek.

I thought it’d be useful to give an oversight of what really goes into your daily cup, the environmental intensity of different agricultural methods and advice on how you can green out your coffee.

Here’s some things worth knowing:
- latte sippers: it takes 1000L of water to produce 1L of milk
- caffeine junkies: cheap coffee of undisclosed origin is one of the largest contributors to deforestation in critically endangered regions.
- connoisseurs: by drinking good coffee, you are contributing to an industry actively providing solutions to the climate crisis.

Every coffee you drink has had an ecological footprint, so if it’s a daily habit it’s worth knowing the very basics, right?!

Hope it’s helpful and produces at least one more coffee nerd🤓 🤙

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