I'm Roland, lucky human being and #everydaygreenie. 

I like to go on adventures, learn new things, take photos with my camera and make stuff with my hands. 
I get excited a lot.

Mainly I'm excited because I'm on a journey, to prove that sustainable living is not only important, but really achievable.

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You know how Ive been rabitting on a LOT about Adani? Well, it’s bloody serious!

Short of chaining yourself to machinery or picketing at Abbot Point, you can still make a difference in the fight for protection of the Great Barrier Reef. This is literally the reef’s - and our - last chance.

PLEASE sign any and all of the petitions below so preserve what’s left of one of the world’s most treasured and important marine assets!!! 

 Mackay Conservation Group


Australian Conservation Foundation



Australian Marine Conservation Society

Stop Adani




Fight For Our Reef


It all counts. 

Bulletin [22.8.18]

Bulletin [22.8.18]

Bulletin [16.8.18]

Bulletin [16.8.18]