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Plasticfree, Mental Game

Plasticfree, Mental Game

 Dry July - concise, witty, rhyming

“Plastic Free July” - clunky, convoluted (and plagiarised?)

Look, dork factor aside, have you actually thought properly about doing it? By proper I mean more than just a fleeting, mid-scroll, pause-of-the-thumb daydream; I mean a dedicated few minutes of evaluative thinking?

Honestly, cutting your single-use disposables is frighteningly easy. Frightening first in context of realizing how much you unconsciously use, then in context of how more-or-less effortless it is to avoid the large majority of it. So if you haven't thought, I encourage you to! Right now!

To help get the propellers on your thinking caps spinning, here’s a few possible situations you might find yourself using disposables, and why you needn’t use them at all:

  • Buying fresh food you’re gonna eat immediately - do you really need anything? More than maybe a napkin? Fruit and veg, bakery goodies, pre-made sandwiches; if you’re chowing down immediately, smile and say clearly “I don’t need a bag thanks😃”
  • Drygoods like nuts, grains, muesli, flour and such. You can get pretty much all pantry staples in bulk in your own tupperware. Somewhere like *HERE*.
  • Do you eat a lot of takeaway? BYO cutlery! You can pick up a cheap, ultralight set of cutlery like *THIS* from Kmart, Target, camping stores etc, they weigh next to nothing and are so easy to slip in your bag or pocket on your way out to eat. Absolute must-have for food-court fiends, just wipe them clean with the serviette you didn't need.
  • Plastic bags when you forget your cloth bag at Woolies… hmm, how many pockets have you got?? They are just so toxic and so avoidable. Despite the availability of a black-and-white solution, the plastic bag problem seems to be tricky. I recommend the following techniques:
    1/Buying a cloth bag every time until you remember (if you build up a ruthless collection, what does that say about the plastic you used to use?!)
    2/Keep the radio off in your car and spend one full trip just honestly thinking about what plastic bags are and what you think of them.
    3/Start using a daily backpack - aside from then being more organised and more prepared, you’ll remember just how f*cking handy it can be to have a good bag on your back.

Guys it's another glorious Sunday, hopefully all are sinking into a relaxing arvo vibe after a prosperous and mindful week. Let your mind drift into a good couple of minutes’ thinking about having a real crack at Plastic Free July.

I promise you its a mental game!!!



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