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The #realEPA

So climate change is real, but the head of the world's largest Environmental Protection Agency is a climate change denier. Wait, doesn't that make the EPA #fakenews? 

Storageking Rolls

Let it be known, I do not have to live with only the bare essentials! Purging myself of redundant possessions was one of the most existentially-fulfilling periods of my life. My mind literally feels lighter.

INVANTION: Water Supply

If I didn’t like coffee so much, my water supply would last far longer than it tends to. But it’s just so easy to get a boil on to make one, my discipline during a lazy day at the beach is close to nil until mid afternoon at the earliest. Running out of water is therefore something of a champagne problem for me.


Despite having fulfilled most of my construction goals the interior just didn’t quite fit the mental image I had envisioned; that is until I put the fairy lights in. The ambience has been trebled, possibly even quadrupled with the fairy lights. They just amplify the cosiness to such a degree that it helps reinforce what the van is - a giant roaming cubby house I can take with me wherever I go.